Anthony Davis Deserves Your Respect

In case you missed the first quarter of the NBA season, Anthony Davis has been terrorizing opposing teams on both ends of the floor (27.7 pts, 9 rbs, 4.2 stocks (steals and blocks)) AD has been the most impactful rim protector and all around defender in the league. He roams the paint always ready to deter a shot on his rim (He most definitely owns that rim)

And on offense he’s been an unstoppable force. While his shooting was pretty shaky to start the year, he’s been making everything since the turn of the month, hitting 60% of all shots on 20 per game.

AD is rightfully in the conversation for Defensive Player of the Year as well as an MVP candidate. While his stats and play have been incredible, I want to speak more onto the criticism that has been levied at him.

His exit from New Orleans was uhhhhh… less than ideal. However, that’s in the past and the trade has thus far been great for both franchises. The problem lies with the way in which people talk about Davis’ unwillingness to play the center position.

I think this is pretty simple; Davis feels most comfortable at the 4, he plays best there. He was forced into heavy minutes as the primary center in New Orleans for a good chunk of the time he was there. People tend to write off basketball as a sport that isn’t physical or that lacks contact. But, when you’re playing primarily in the post, grinding for 30-40 minutes every game with dudes routinely weighing 250-300 lbs, that can do some damage. And we’ve seen that with AD, he’s only played 70 games or more twice in his seven years. You can’t attribute all of his injuries to playing the five, but that combined with his high amount of playing time (34.6 minutes per game for his career, 10th highest among active players) is a recipe for an injury plagued career.

I have routinely heard both analysts and fans alike all Davis “soft,” which is completely a false narrative. The majority of us would play halfcourt 3 on 3 at the park for 30 minutes with a substitute teacher, off duty cop, some JV bench players, and end up wearing a back brace for a week while popping Tylenol like mints.

So quit calling him soft. Watch him play and realize how wrong you are. This man is a beast routinely setting hard screens, swatting shots to kingdom come, and outhustling every big he’s plays against. It’s Anthony Davis’ body, his career, his life. He is DAMN good at the four as I illustrated above and still logs over a third of his minutes at center this year.

Quit buying into false narratives and tearing someone down. These players are human beings (I know, shocking), and they put so much more into this game than we give them credit for.

Just enjoy the game! There’s so much to cheer for and so many great storylines to follow this year. This was a well needed rant and I anticipate I’ll have to dish it out a few more times this year.

What do you think of The LakeShow this year? What team are you most excited about? Any questions? Comments? Leave em’ down below and I’ll hit you back

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