TLC Abundant in The 917

The last few days have been a firestorm of shit to say the least. So, I decided to get back into writing about the NBA because that’s what I do and it feels weird not to; we need some normalcy.

I’ve followed the Brooklyn Nets very closely this season, and while it definitely has not gone according to plan, there are a few silver linings.

One splinter of hope has been the play and development of Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot.

Over the past 21 games, Luwawu-Cabarrot shot 37.5% from three on over 3 attempts per game. Although he entered a shooting slump in March (He played starting minutes which he is not ready for, 27mpg), there have been some promising flashes in his game.

Luwawu-Cabarrot has never shot above 33.5% from distance for a season since entering the league in 2016. It’s been rather vexing, as his shot is what propelled him into the first round of the draft and had him projected as a lottery-pick.

However, it seems as though his perimeter prowess is finally translating to the NBA. He’s on pace to shoot 36% for the season, right around league average, and by far the best mark of his career

He drives to the rim with force, and while it doesn’t always end well, a young player willing to drive to the hoop is a major plus for development!

He draws fouls at nearly an 11% rate per Cleaning the Glass, which puts him among the top quarter of wings in the NBA.

I can never hammer this home enough, getting to the line is essential for opening up a player’s offensive game.

He is a quick on-ball defender with a wide wingspan, capable of keeping his assignment in front of him. With more reps, he’ll definitely grow on that end.

Luwawu-Cabarrot’s tenacity is what has secured his roster spot. He’s routinely seen racing across the court to a loose ball or to contest a shot.

Timothe has some sequences that leave me scratching my head, but he’s rounding into a more consistent player that Kenny At…… whomever is the Brooklyn bench boss, can count on to play steady minutes. Given how he’s bounced around the league and struggled to find his game during his young career, this is promising for both him and the Nets.

Will he swing a playoff series? Probably not, but for a player who has had trouble finding his footing in the league, it’s awesome getting to watch his improvement.

Hopefully Timothe can continue to grow and cement himself as part of Brooklyn’s rotation during their championship window.

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