The Utah Jazz Conundrum: Premium Hoops Round Table

On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops podcast, we dive deep into the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are at a place of good, but not quite great. We delve into their personnel and the difficult roster decisions faced by their front office.

We start by talking about Bojan Bogdanovic and how he elevated the Jazz offense and impacted team defense.

In our discussion we talk about Mike Conley’s slippage in tandem with Rudy Gobert’s roll game. We also discuss Donovan Mitchell’s effectiveness, the discourse around him, and his potential. The cap situation and surrounding talent on the Jazz roster are at the front of our conversation as well.

Why did the defense fall so much? What’s the Jazz’s bubble outlook? How does this team take the next step and is it with the Gobert/Mitchell nucleus? What is the Utah Jazz’s long-term viability as contenders?

As we close out on the Jazz, we transition into some listener question’s to answer from our mailbag!

We answer questions about how we’ll weigh seeding games, our thoughts on the Bucks’ defense, how San Antonio might transition into a youth movement, what we miss about old basketball, and diving into one of the worst basketball games ever played! Thank you to all who sent in questions!

On the pod: Mark Schindler, Cody Houdek, Nate Georgy, Scott Levine, and Evan Zaucha

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Enjoy the Pod!

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