Defensive Player of the Year & All-Defense with Jackson Frank

On today’s episode of Premium Hoops, we dive into the Defensive Player of the Year award as well as our All-Defensive Teams. We were fortunate to be joined by Jackson Frank. He does some phenomenal work over at The Step Back, Dime Uproxx, and on his own Patreon channel. You can follow Jackson on Twitter here.

We start off by talking about our DPOY honorable mentions and then jump into our top 3 picks on the ballot. We actually had quite a bit of discourse on our top picks, but all agreed that very little separated the three.

After deciding on the DPOY award, we transitioned into our All-Defensive Teams. While our top 8-9 players were pretty clear-cut, we talked about and debated roughly 10 other players we all felt deserved consideration for our final spot. We then transition into talking about up and coming players who we think have the potential to win Defensive Player of the Year someday and make many All-Defensive Teams. Lastly, we debate whether or not we think a guard will have a chance to win DPOY in the next 15 years. Gary Payton was the last guard to win the award in 1996, and only two non-bigs have won it since 2000; Kawhi Leonard (twice) and Ron Artest.

This podcast was a ton of fun to record. NBA defense is difficult to gauge largely, as there are many contrasting ideas about what quantifies as “good defense.”

Shout out to Jackson for joining us and having some great conversation! Enjoy the pod!

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