Dishing on the Denver Nuggets with Adam Mares of DNVR

On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops podcast, Adam Mares joins Mark to talk about the Denver Nuggets. What does a Jokic funk look like, where is Jamal Murray at, what direction is the team heading, as well as a dive into DNVR.

Adam is the VP of Creative Production at The DNVR, one of the brightest media start ups in the country. He provides insight on what led to DNVR’s startup, how they’re different, how COVID impacted their business model, and the future of DNVR (It’s bright folks!)

Denver finished the season 46-27 with the third best record in the West, yet are down 3-1 to Utah. Was this Denver team for real? Adam also sheds light on Nikola Jokic as a leader and his willingness to shoot. Jokic has cemented himself as a top center in the league, but what can he do to cement himself as an MVP-caliber player?

We then dive into Jokic and Jamal Murray’s defense; how can they find competency on that end and are they compatible at the highest level? Is Jamal Murray able to hang as a point guard and how has he grown this season? Murray is notoriously up and down as a player, but he’s been a revelation in the playoffs.

Will Nikola Jokic be able to lead this team out of the 3-1 hole? What is next for the Denver Nuggets and will Mike Malone be at the helm when they’re a true contender?

Finally, Adam & Mark close out by talking about some NBA philosophy; Is Dallas really the best offense all-time? What makes a coach a defensive coach (It’s a great debate) and do Nick Nurse and Mike Malone qualify as such?

Shout out to Adam Mares for joining the pod! Be sure to go follow him on Twitter as well as the DNVR.

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