Are the Bucks held back by Mike Budenholzer?

After last night’s game, the Milwaukee Bucks are now down 0-2 to Miami. I’m joined by Ben Rauman of Behind the Buck Pass to break down and discuss the game and series. Where do the Bucks go from here?

To start off, we have the Mike Budenholzer discussion; Is he an 82 game coach? Is that harsh? A little, but for the second straight season, Bud’s flaws have shown through in the playoffs. Ben specifically brings up the rotation issues. In the game, Bud went with a 10-man rotation, playing almost every man 10+ minutes and Giannis topped out at 36 minutes.

We then take a step back. While the Bucks are down two games, a come back is still within reach and the series is not over! What do the Bucks do now? How do they counter? What improvements might we see in the next game?

During the pod, we dive into a great deal more and have some great philosophical debates on the Bucks. Enjoy the pod!

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