Small Market Sadness

On today’s episode of Premium Hoops: Small Market Sadness. A podcast bringing together media members/writers of small markets that are wallowing in playoffs fomo.

On this pod, we talk way more about Josh Smith than seems reasonable in 2020, but it’s a great time. How can these teams move forward? How do small markets build? What directions can small market teams go to hit their ceiling?

We also spend a good chunk talking about Victor Oladipo and De’Anthony Melton. Where will Melton and Oladipo be playing next year? Should the Griz let Melton go and will the Pacers pony up for Oladipo?

While there is great analysis on this pod, it’s mainly just a kick back/have fun pod. Just enjoy the pod! Expect some of these in the future and send us feedback on how you enjoyed this one! We love to do our thing in analysis, but getting loose and talking hoops is our bread and butter.

Featured on the pod – Lazarus Jackson, Andrew Kelly, Keith Parish, Dave DuFour, & Mark Schindler

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