What’s next for the Philadelphia 76ers? w/ Derek Bodner

On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops Podcast, Mark is joined by Derek Bodner to discuss the Philadelphia 76ers. Derek covers the Sixers for The Athletic and does fantastic writing over there; check it out. Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, and now Doc Rivers; what’s next for the 76ers?

On the Pod:

The 76ers were swept in the first round of the playoffs by the Boston Celtics. After a disappointing season filled with ups and downs, what’s next for Philadelphia? While they have a rough cap sheet, they have moves to make in the off-season.

First, diving into Joel Embiid’s season. Embiid is inarguably the best player for the Sixers, yet also the most inconsistent. Derek shares his thoughts on Embiid’s ability, his work ethic, and the accountability of the organization.

Next, discussing the Simmons & Embiid pairing. Derek and Mark talk about the resounding trade ideas thrown that separate the two stars. Does it make sense to split them up?

Does Ben Simmons’ unwillingness to shoot hinder the team his fit with Joel? Is it just a microcosm of Philadelphia’s roster building ineptitude?

Then, breaking down the 76ers trade assets, free agents, and ability to make moves in the off-season. How did Glenn Robinson III and Alec Burks fit? Is it likely that either will return next season? How important is re-signing Furkan Korkmaz and should he be a priority?

Lastly, can the Sixers trade either Al Horford or Tobias Harris? The 76ers have 4 players owed over $100m combined and they can’t all share the court. A move has to come from somehwere to open up the roster and the floor.

Can the 76ers maximize Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons and improve the roster this off-season?

Enjoy the pod and major thanks to Derek for joining!

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