What’s next for the Brooklyn Nets? w/ Matt Brooks

On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops podcast, Matt Brooks joins to discuss the Brooklyn Nets off-season. Matt covers the Nets for NetsDaily & you can find his podcast here.

Discussed on the Pod:

After a season marred by injury and off-court drama, Brooklyn looks to take the East by storm in the coming year. Both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are in their primes and ready to win now; who else will be part of an attempted title run?

Joe Harris is a free agent this fall and unequivocally the best shooter on the team. His spacing and all around play will be a hot commodity for any team trying to bolster their offense. How much will Brooklyn have to pony up to pay Harris and more importantly; will they?

Alongside Harris on the wing, Caris LeVert flashed brilliance in the Bubble. However, his usage and the way he commanded the ball in tandem with his time spent with Kyrie earlier in the season leave questions unanswered. LeVert is a great on-ball player, but can he fit well enough with Durant and Irving off-ball? WIll Sean Marks look to capitalize on his heightened value?

Another storyline that had a wrench thrown into it during the Bubble; what will the team do about Jarrett Allen? Allen really took a step forward in Orlando and showed consistent aggression that he hadn’t previously. Prior to the bubble, he’d already shown that he was a better player than DeAndre Jordan. However, it seems unlikely that Allen will be allowed to start over Jordan. With his free agency impending, will Brooklyn look to move Allen, or will they find a way to make it work with both centers on the roster?

Taurean Prince struggled to live up to the deal Brooklyn signed him to. What can he do to improve on both ends, recoup his value, and be a viable contributor on next year’s team?

Much more is covered in the pod as Mark, Nate, Scott, and Matt hammer home all important notes on the Nets.

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