2020 NBA Off-Season Prospectus

It’s finally complete as the 2020 NBA Off-season gets underway! Our project at Premium Hoops to bring you coverage of every single NBA team is finished. In each episode, we were joined by a fantastic guest and team expert to dish on the team, where they’re at, and where they’re headed in the coming year.

This was a massive endeavor that we started in September, and I just want to give a quick shout out to everyone who was part of this. What a journey!

It’s our goal at Premium Hoops to bring equal and fair coverage to every team; there is something great or fascinating happening in every corner of the NBA. Shedding a light on some of the shadowed parts or outskirts of the league was awesome.

Disclaimer: Because we talked about them so in depth in post mortem’s after they exited the playoffs, we did not pod on Indiana, Boston, Houston, Utah and Washington.

Off-season Podcasts:

Atlanta HawksAndrew Kelly

Brooklyn NetsMatt Brooks

Charlotte HornetsRichie Randall

Chicago BullsMark Karantzoulis

Cleveland CavaliersEvan Dammarell

Dallas MavericksKirk Henderson

Denver NuggetsHarrison Wind

Detroit PistonsJame Edwards III

Golden State WarriorsBrady Klopfer

Los Angeles ClippersRobert Flom

Los Angeles LakersTim Cranjis

Memphis GrizzliesJoe Mullinax

Milwaukee BucksCody Houdek

Minnesota TimberwolvesJoe Hulbert

New Orleans PelicansWill Guillory

New York KnicksJonathan Macri

Oklahoma City ThunderAndrew Schlect

Orlando MagicZach Oliver

Philadelphia 76ersDerek Bodner

Phoenix SunsAZ SportsZone

Portland TrailblazersMike Richman

Sacramento KingsBrenden Nunes

San Antonio SpursPaul Garcia

Toronto RaptorsKatie Heindl

I cannot send out enough thanks to all who took the time and participated! This was a great networking and learning experience as well as an incredibly fun time learning about how others view basketball and the NBA.

I hope you all enjoy the podcast series and of course, let us know what you think!

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