2020 NBA Off-Season Prospectus

It’s finally complete as the 2020 NBA Off-season gets underway! Our project at Premium Hoops to bring you coverage of every single NBA team is finished. In each episode, we were joined by a fantastic guest and team expert to dish on the team, where they’re at, and where they’re headed in the coming year.

This was a massive endeavor that we started in September, and I just want to give a quick shout out to everyone who was part of this. What a journey!

It’s our goal at Premium Hoops to bring equal and fair coverage to every team; there is something great or fascinating happening in every corner of the NBA. Shedding a light on some of the shadowed parts or outskirts of the league was awesome.

Disclaimer: Because we talked about them so in depth in post mortem’s after they exited the playoffs, we did not pod on Indiana, Boston, Houston, Utah and Washington.

Off-season Podcasts:

Atlanta HawksAndrew Kelly

Brooklyn NetsMatt Brooks

Charlotte HornetsRichie Randall

Chicago BullsMark Karantzoulis

Cleveland CavaliersEvan Dammarell

Dallas MavericksKirk Henderson

Denver Nuggets – Harrison Wind

Detroit Pistons – Jame Edwards III

Golden State WarriorsBrady Klopfer

Los Angeles Clippers – Robert Flom

Los Angeles LakersTim Cranjis

Memphis GrizzliesJoe Mullinax

Minnesota TimberwolvesJoe Hulbert

New Orleans PelicansWill Guillory

New York KnicksJonathan Macri

Oklahoma City Thunder – Andrew Schlect

Orlando MagicZach Oliver

Philadelphia 76ers – Derek Bodner

Phoenix Suns – AZ SportsZone

Portland Trailblazers – Mike Richman

Sacramento KingsBrenden Nunes

San Antonio SpursPaul Garcia

Toronto RaptorsKatie Heindl

I cannot send out enough thanks to all who took the time and participated! This was a great networking and learning experience as well as an incredibly fun time learning about how others view basketball and the NBA.

I hope you all enjoy the podcast series and of course, let us know what you think!


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