Western Conference Outlook w/ Dave DuFour

On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops podcast, Mark, Nate, and Scott are joined by Dave DuFour to breakdown and discuss the Western Conference. Dave is the OG podfather and hosts numerous podcasts for The Athletic. If you don’t already listen to Nerder She Wrote, add it to your podcast rotation immediately!

  • What’s going on in Houston? Can they still push for contention?
  • How high is the Utah Jazz’ ceiling?
  • Can Dallas come out strong without Porzingis?
  • Can Michael Porter Jr. grow for the Denver Nuggets?
  • Will Golden State’s young players sink or swim?
  • Can Phoenix push for the top half of trhe Western Conference?
  • Did Portland have the best off-season in the West?
  • How much better did the Clippers get?
  • Is the West the Lakers for the taking again?

We cover much more and hit on a great deal as we take a look at the entire Western Conference. Enjoy the pod!

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