A Loss in Interest of Top 100 Rankings

Hello, dear Premium Hoops reader.

Starting projects is fun. It’s an adrenaline rush, even. However, sometimes that initial burst does not carry through the entire project. In fact, it usually does not. Once the honeymoon period is over, it’s mostly just about finding the will to finish the project. Sometimes, for whichever reason, we decide not to push through to the end.

The Premium Hoops Top 100 fell into the latter category. With fewer than two weeks until the NBA season, we realize that we have little interest in crunching through the back half of these rankings. This is okay. We created this website first and foremost to have a platform for NBA topics we found interesting, topics that resonated with us.

The Top 100 was never really that. Sure, it was fun to break down a players’ game or write a critique on how that player is viewed, but the idea of ranking players in a vacuum sat weird with many of us. It is a fun exercise and props to anyone who enjoys it, but it does not really align with how we view the NBA. We are more likely to ask an open ended question about a player and his team context than we are to try and definitively answer one.

We are saving our energy for articles and podcasts that we find more interesting. As a result, they will probably be better than this would have been. Thank you for joining us through our first year and we promise we have a lot of good stuff coming your way soon.

If you are interested in the rest of the top 100 here are the rankings and methodology. Players received 1 point if ranked 1 and 100 if ranked 100. If unranked, they received 101 points. The lower a player’s score the better.


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