2021 NBA Podcasts Lineup

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Premium Hoops

  • Am I biased? You bet your ass I am. This is the pod/site I run with some of my best friends and great basketball minds. We’re doing great stuff and you won’t regret adding Premium Hoops as well as our new pod, Sense and Scalability, to your pod rotation

Nerder She Wrote

  • Dave, Seth, and Moe are fantastic and I’m better and smarter for listening to them this past year. You’d be wise to do the same!

Thinking Basketball

  • Ben Taylor is awesome with basketball theory and conceptual understanding. Much like the guys from Nerder, Ben has unknowingly built up my basketball IQ.

The NBA Daily Ding

  • It is literally impossible to watch every single NBA game. I used to try and force myself to watch every single game due to FOMO, and then I realized that was kinda crazy! The Daily Ding is great for giving you a quick start to the day to get the gist of what happened in games you missed that you can compound upon by diving deeper in stats/film later on.

Prep2Pro NBA Draft Podcast

  • Ben and Max are fantastic basketball minds and do some remarkable heavy lifting with the draft. I’ve learned a ton from them and their scouting principles. If you want to keep up with the draft cycle and prospects, please for the love of god, listen to Prep2Pro.

“I want to Laugh Dammit, but still BALL”

Fastbreak Breakfast

  • This podcast singlehandedly got me through my first few months of quarantine. Keith, Jon, and Chuck have some of the very best podcast/comedic chemistry out there while still having great bball knowledge. They take the show seriously without taking it seriously and I love it. Sometimes we get way too caught up with how seriously we take the game, at least I do, and Keith and the guys help me remember that it’s just a game and we should laugh about it. Love this pod and sub to their patreon.

Roundball Rock

  • Randy LeDoux & Brett Slamson present Slammed Up! This podcast has made my day so many freakin times

Dunks and Discourse

  • I just didn’t feel like making a category strictly for this show. Josh and Jabari are funny, but they talk in-depth about the league while also hitting on pop culture. I would like to nominate it as the official pod of NBA Twitter. You get quite a bit of everything on D&D

Boston Celtics/Los Angeles Lakers/Golden State/Chicago Bulls/Philadelphia 76ers/Houston&Dallas

  • One of the reasons I wanted to make this list is because there are like 77 Celtics pods and Lakers pods, but like hardly any focused on small-market teams. I love and enjoy the people who cover those teams and I’m not trying to be a small-maret apologist. Those pods are already so easy to find and accessible, plus these teams are so focused on by national pods and are regularly on National TV.

Atlanta Hawks

Locked on Hawks

  • Brad Rowland freakin kills it with Locked On Hawks. With how intriguing the Hawks are this year, it’ll know doubt be a multi-day listen for me.

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Buzz

  • Nick and Jac have been covering the Brooklyn beat via this pod while there was still hope for Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s jumper. That’s a long time. They’re really good and really fun follows. Keep up with the best Nets team this decade by listening to them.

Charlotte Hornets

Buzz Beat

  • This is quite possibly my favorite NBA podcast. Brian, Richie, and Spencer have great understanding of the whole league, the draft, their individual team, and just basketball in general. My only qualms is that this isn’t a daily pod. I’m so psyched that Charlotte got LaMelo if only because that means more people will be tuned into Charlotte and keeping up with the great work these three do.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Locked on Cavs

  • Evan and Chris are great team covers who bring excellent analysis while also being brutally honest about a team in a tough place. They’ve been doing some awesome work at Fear the Sword as well as other publications and just in revitalizing the excitement around a young team with a lot to prove.

Denver Nuggets

DNVR Denver Nuggets Podcast

  • This is one of my all-time favorite pods and I think was just about my most listened to last year. Adam, Harrison, Eric (D-Line), and Brendan are awesome. Everything DNVR is doing altogether is awesome. This show is awesome. Need I say more? In realness, great analysis and X’s and O’s while blending humor and just loving the game/team. They find the very difficult midpoint of both loving the Nuggets while still fairly covering them.

Denver Stiffs

  • Ryan does an incredible job as site manager at DS and has expanded the site to having multiple pods. I just think it’s a really cool venture and I love seeing people do well! I don’t listen to them as often as I do DNVR; There are only 24 hours in a day, but I enjoy whenever I tune in and always enjoy talking with Ryan on twitter or pod!

Detroit Pistons

Pistons vs. Everybody & Detroit Bad Boys

  • Lazarus runs both pods and he’s one of my favorite guys to talk basketball with. He has a great feel for the whole league and is good at looking at both sides of an argument. Laz has really helped me change aspects of how I look at team-building.

Indiana Pacers

Locked on Pacers

  • Tony and Adam pump out a ridiculous amount of content without getting boring. Everything is timely and they’re very good at coming at things from often different perspectives to provide all around analysis.

Setting The Pace

  • Alex and Facci have built up a fantastic show and platform. Alex brings on some great interviews/guests and provide a nice variety of content.

The Indy Cornrows Podcast

  • I host/produce this pod and am pretty fortunate and psyched it’s gotten to where it’s at. I try to provide in-depth looks at Indy while bringing in league wide perspectives as well. I hope you get something positive out of the pod!

Fieldhouse Files

  • Scott Agness is one of the best Pacers covers out there. He doesn’t do the pod super frequently, but it’s must listen when he puts an episode out because the information is fantastic.

Los Angeles Clippers

213 Hoops: The Lob, The Jam, The Podcast

  • The guys at 213 are awesome and run an independent blog covering the Clips. Love their analysis and thoughts on the team and league. Definitely give them a follow and listen!

Memphis Grizzlies

The Grizzly Bear Blues Podcast Network

  • Joe and the crew at GBB put out an incredible amount of content without any BS falling through the cracks. They have a huge lineup of pods all with different focuses to keep things fresh. Read them and listen as well.

Grits and Grinds

  • A familiar face! Keith Parrish of Fastbreak Breakfast runs this pod solo covering the Griz. I enjoy his takes, analysis, and thoughts on the team. I’m not sure how Keith puts together so many quality podcasts.

Miami Heat

Locked on Heat

  • David Ramil is one of my favorite covers in the NBA. He knows X’s and O’s well, he brings on great guests, he has talks about the more human aspects of the game and Heat. I love this pod and thoroughly enjoy David.

Milwaukee Bucks

I’ll be completely honest; I don’t listen to any Bucks-centric podcasts. I watch them play fairly frequently, and anytime I need some better insight and analysis I read Eric Nehm and talk to Cody Houdek.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Dane Moore NBA Podcast

  • Dane is really smart and a great host. He brings on a slough of guests from around the league, and most importantly, provides fantastic and consistent coverage of the Timberwolves. It’s not easy to cover a team that’s in a rough spot so in-depth, and Dane blows that out of the water.

New Orleans Pelicans

In the N.O.

  • Shamit and Mason are really quality NBA minds, great twitter follows, and speak about basketball concepts much better than I can. This is a really good pod

New York Knicks

Knicks Films School

  • Jonathan is awesome at this. I want the Knicks to be good again. Bro he had freakin Skyzoo on a pod!! Awesome basketball analysis with insider perspective.

Pod Strickland

  • If you’re unaware, a great group of guys started up an independent blog over the quarantine called The Strickland. Their coverage and analysis is fun, in-depth, and creative. Just a breath of fresh air overall and I love what they’re doing.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Down to Dunk

  • Andrew Schlect may be the best pod producer on the planet? I don’t think that’s a stretch. Anyways, this pod is fucking hilarious, but their analysis and in-depth coverage of the team is awesome. I don’t normally like segmented shows, but their segments add to the show rather than force it in any direction. The Thunder are headed in a direction that is far from the limelight for the next couple seasons, but D2D will be must listen content as we watch Poku shoot his irrational confidence jumpers and attempt spinning no look layups in transition.

Orlando Magic

The Sixth Man Show

  • I’ll be honest, Orlando is one of my guilty pleasures, so I watch a lot of them and don’t usually listen to many magic pods. However, I enjoy this one. It’s weekly and they do a really solid job without fanboying. Locked on Magic by Philip Rossman-Reich is my go to when I want to know more about what happened in a game.

Phoenix Suns

Suns Solar Panel

  • They had fucking Shams on!!!!!!!! I really enjoy their discourse and coverage of PHX. They’re already a sizeable pod, but with real playoff aspirations for the Suns, I’m psyched for these guys to blow up even more! They’re good people!

The Timeline Pod

  • Sam & Mike, great on Twitter, unshockingly great on pod

Portland Trail Blazers

Locked on Blazers

  • Mike does a great job with the pod and truly sets the table for the listeners as a pass first point guard. He’s had great guests, is good at getting his point across, and I also enjoy his humor because I have a very similar brand. His episode with the guys from Roundball made my day.

Sacramento Kings

Kings Pulse

  • I really enjoy Brenden and Richard’s work both written (At the King’s Herald and Richard at the Sacramento Bee as well) and pod wise. They’re my go to for keeping up with Sac and I try to listen to them every week or two to keep the pulse on the Kings….AHHHHHHH I’m too corny for my own good.

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurscast

  • Is Mark plugging another independent blog/site that has a podcast?? YES! Project Spurs is my go to place for anything on San Antonio. Paul is awesome and I really enjoy his thoughts on the Spurs and NBA in general. Add this to your rotation and of course read over at Project Spurs.

Toronto Raptors

Dishes & Dimes

  • Come on now, is this even a question??? This is one of my favorite pods out there and I thoroughly enjoy the different viewpoints and perspectives that each host/member of the pod brings. They talked with Kyle Lowry’s mom. J.E. Skeets has been on the show. I love that they have a rotating panel of hosts. They’re just fun, they unabashedly love the Raptors, and they know what the fuck they’re talking about.

Raptors Reasonablists

  • Blake Murphy and Eric Koreen are awesome and they share a pod that comes out weekly. Fuck yeah, sign me up. Their writing is awesome and it comes through over the mic with their great chemistry.

Utah Jazz

I won’t lie, I watch the Jazz almost as much as I watch the Pacers. Is it healthy? I can’t say for sure, but I do love Utah and I’ll say it loud and proud. They’re just so funky, Quin Snyder kinda scares me. IDK man fun squad, fun watch. So I don’t have a pod to plug here.

Washington Wizards

Wizards After Dark

  • Fred Katz: Awesome. This pod: Awesome. Fred brings on great guests, has great charisma, and is one of the best beat reporters in the country. The episode of trading John Wall may be one of the best produced and thought out pod episodes of the year. Love this show and so will you.
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