League Lookaround with Joe Hulbert & Raptors with Blake Murphy

On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops Podcast, Mark and Nate are joined by Joe Hulbert to take stock of multiple leaguewide aspects and dive into more than a few teams. Mark is later on joined by Blake Murphy of The Athletic to discuss the Toronto Raptors’ 2021 season.

Time Stamps

Opening – Myles Turner’s injury, Pacers season, DPOY and Philadelphia

26:20 Team Dive on the Memphis Grizzlies

46:45 Dive into the New York Knicks

1:02:30 Harden news

1:02:45 The main event, unloading on the Dallas Mavericks

1:30:33 Blake Murphy joins to talk Raptors

Blake’s story on Freddie Gillespie: https://theathletic.com/2512339/2021/04/13/raptors-freddie-gillespie-takes-unbeaten-path-from-diii-to-the-nba-hes-not-a-normal-kid/

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