Diving into the NBA’s current top Duos

Diving into the NBA’s current top Duos

Mark & Nate pick up where they left off by discussing their top duos in the present day NBA. Who makes the cut?


Don’t Blame The NBA

The Coronavirus took the country by storm this past week, largely due to the exposure received after the postponement of the NBA season. After the entire Brooklyn Nets team was tested for the virus (4 players were positive), there was significant pushback on social media. Tests are scarce and incredibly expensive; many clearly saw the [...]

Anthony Davis Deserves Your Respect

https://twitter.com/NBA/status/1203903432513458181 In case you missed the first quarter of the NBA season, Anthony Davis has been terrorizing opposing teams on both ends of the floor (27.7 pts, 9 rbs, 4.2 stocks (steals and blocks)) AD has been the most impactful rim protector and all around defender in the league. He roams the paint always ready [...]