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At Premium Hoops, we aim to provide in depth analysis of the entire NBA regardless of market-size. Objectivity is important to the Premium Hoops collective as we all have a love for the game, the league, and the players.

Basketball is what drives all of us at Premium Hoops in different ways. Whether it’s through player analysis, front office evaluations, X’s & O’s breakdown, or general NBA talk, we will provide great content. Additionally, we bring a blend of passion and basketball knowledge that sets us apart.

We’re talking hoops, not talking heads.

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  • Basketball Positivity w/ PD Web
    On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops podcast, a continuation of Basketball Positivity. Mark is joined by the always wonderful PD Web to talk about what’s most enjoyable in basketball right now. Check out our articles at https://premiumhoops.org and follow us on Twitter @PremiumHoopsNBA Be sure to Rate and Review Premium Hoops on Apple Podcasts! Credit to BRBeats Podcast Music @BenRauman Author Mark Schindler
  • Building the Ideal Jayson Tatum-led Offense
    Jayson Tatum is the best player on a good team at only 23. This sounds peachy but it also sets him up for daunting expectations. While the Celtics will probably make the playoffs, few picked them to emerge from the Eastern Conference this season. The hope, nay, expectation is that Tatum steadily improves for the next half decade and vaults…
  • Who are the NBA’s future All-Stars?
    On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops Podcast, Mark and Nate discuss the top prospects already in the NBA! Players included Have not made the All-NBA team Are 23 and under Mark and Nate split them into 5 tiers with some honorable mentions at the end. Let us know what you think! Do you agree? Do you disagree? What would…