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At Premium Hoops, we aim to provide in depth analysis of the entire NBA regardless of market-size. Objectivity is important to the Premium Hoops collective as we all have a love for the game, the league, and the players.

Basketball is what drives all of us at Premium Hoops in different ways. Whether it’s through player analysis, front office evaluations, X’s & O’s breakdown, or general NBA talk, we will provide great content. Additionally, we bring a blend of passion and basketball knowledge that sets us apart.

We’re talking hoops, not talking heads.

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  • 2021 Player Report Cards
    On today’s episode of North Station Hoops, Nate and Scott give letter grades and season reviews for each player on the Boston Celtics. As a note, a “B” grade is the baseline for what they expected from them this season. They also dive into Jaylen Brown’s injury and what it means going forward. Follow us on Twitter: Scott(@ScottLevineNBA), Nate (@Hoops_Nate),…
  • All-Defense and DPOY with Jackson Frank
    On today’s episoe of the Premium Hoops podcast, Mark Schindler is joined by Jackson Frank to discuss 2021 NBA All-Defense nominations and Defensive Player of the Year considerations on a live locker room recording. Check out Jackson’s article on Darius Garland! Check out our articles at https://premiumhoops.org and follow us on Twitter @PremiumHoopsNBA Be sure to Rate and Review Premium Hoops on Apple Podcasts!…
  • WNBA Preview – Part 2 w/ Bobby Mummery
    On today’s episode of the Premium Hoops podcast, looking ahead to the upcoming WNBA season. Mark Schindler and Evan Zaucha are joined by Bobby Mummery for a comprehensive break down of the upcoming season, the state of the league, and diving into the remaining tiers and teams from Part 1. Sign up for WNBA League Pass here! Read Bobby’s article…