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At Premium Hoops, we aim to provide in depth analysis of the entire NBA regardless of market-size. Objectivity is important to the Premium Hoops collective as we all have a love for the game, the league, and the players.

Basketball is what drives all of us at Premium Hoops in different ways. Whether it’s through player analysis, front office evaluations, X’s & O’s breakdown, or general NBA talk, we will provide great content. Additionally, we bring a blend of passion and basketball knowledge that sets us apart.

We’re talking hoops, not talking heads.

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  • 2021 NBA Draft Takeaways with PD Web
    Mark Schindler is joined by PD Web to discuss some primary takeaways and musings from the NBA Draft. Thoughts on: The Brookln Nets, Charlotte, Toronto, Jaden Springer, Golden State, the Knicks, and more. Check out PD’s work: https://www.patreon.com/pdweb/posts Check out our articles at https://premiumhoops.org and follow us on Twitter @PremiumHoopsNBA Be sure to Rate and Review Premium Hoops on Apple Podcasts! Credit to BRBeats…
  • NBA Draft with Henry Ward
    The guys bring back Henry Ward to expand upon concepts found in Henry’s first S&S appearance and apply them to the 2021 NBA Draft. They then do what they do best: get into a tizzy grappling with teambuilding philosophy and contradicting themselves. It turned out great, though. Twitter: Henry (@henrywward), Evan (@EZ_Hoops), Cody (@codyhoudek), Premium Hoops (@PremiumHoopsNBA) Email Scott at…
  • How Good was Shawn Marion in His Prime? The Definitive Analysis
    Shawn Marion needs little introduction to most NBA fans. As an integral part of the 7-seconds-or-less Suns in the mid-2000s, Marion was part of an archetype and team that paved the way for the modern NBA. Just a quick Google search will yield result after result about Marion being the perfect, modern small-ball 5, but in just 2005, moving him…