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At Premium Hoops, we aim to provide in depth analysis of the entire NBA regardless of market-size. Objectivity is important to the Premium Hoops collective as we all have a love for the game, the league, and the players.

Basketball is what drives all of us at Premium Hoops in different ways. Whether it’s through player analysis, front office evaluations, X’s & O’s breakdown, or general NBA talk, we will provide great content. Additionally, we bring a blend of passion and basketball knowledge that sets us apart.

We’re talking hoops, not talking heads.

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  • The Miami Heat’s Free Agency & League Pass Favorites w/ David Ramil
    On today’s edition of the Premium Hoops podcast, Mark Schindler and Scott Levine are joined by David Ramil of Locked on Heat to discuss Miami’s off-season as well as free agency at large. David does some fantastic work on his pod, be sure to follow him to keep up with the Heat! Check out our articles at https://premiumhoops.org and follow…
  • Jrue Holiday: An Analysis of the Milwaukee Bucks’ New Point Guard
    Let’s get one thing straight: I’m a Bucks fan. My bias is that I want the Bucks to succeed. However, a necessary aspect of getting better is facing harsh criticism and rectifying past mistakes. After the massive Eric Bledsoe for Jrue Holiday trade that kicked off the shortened NBA offseason, my criticism quietly began before exploding in a rant on…
  • NBA Free Agency: Day 1 for the Utah Jazz
    The association opened up NBA Free Agency with a bang in day one of negotiations. The voracious clamoring of NBA Twitter for information from insiders signifies the yearly cycle volcanic eruption and proliferation. While there are still many more deals and moves to be made, the league is quickly reshaping. After one day, I try not to be to bullish…
  • 2020 NBA Off-Season Prospectus
    It’s finally complete as the 2020 NBA Off-season gets underway! Our project at Premium Hoops to bring you coverage of every single NBA team is finished. In each episode, we were joined by a fantastic guest and team expert to dish on the team, where they’re at, and where they’re headed in the coming year. This was a massive endeavor…