Cam Reddish is Flipping the Narrative on His Rookie Season

After perhaps one of the worst shooting months ever recorded by a rookie (28.7% from the field and 21.3% from 3 across 17 games), or by a player in general, Cam Reddish received a multitude of “bust” labels from analyst and fans alike. Speaking honestly, I was extremely disheartened watching Reddish struggle this season. I wasn’t prepared to give up on him, but I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a player loo more lost on the court.

Due to the relatively high expectations placed on the Hawks during the preseason, Reddish’s struggles were highlighted to an unfair extent as the losses piled on. As the season has toiled on and the spotlight has been anywhere but Atlanta, a lot of people are missing out on the incredible growth in Reddish’s game.

In the month of January (14 Games), Reddish has posted 11.9 pts/3.9 rbds/1.4 assists while shooting 41.1% from the field and 40.3% from 3 on nearly five attempts per game.

No these aren’t crazy all-star numbers, but they’re very good and over a large enough sample size that it means something. Given how his first two months in the league were, this growth has been astronomical for him, and is light years from where he was even just in December.

He’s turning the ball over less and really starting to find his role within the offense. Most surprisingly, Reddish has been pretty active on the defensive end. You won’t mistake him for Tony Allen, but he’s been engaged and making an effort which says a lot for a rookie player. He can ball watch at times, but his willingness is more than half the battle so I’m encouraged!

My main point in writing this: We have to be patient. This guy just turned 20! Most of us aren’t even in a professional career that young. It takes time to grow into what you can be and for potential to shine through. Some days, I can’t write for shit, or I have to record my intro 17 times for my podcast before I like it. Perfection is a myth. Practice and repetition is reality. I’m not going to write a Pulitzer Prize winning article the first time I open Word. You’re not going to make a sale the first time you pick up the phone, or get through to a student the first time you talk to them. And Cam Reddish might not pivot off his correct foot when he tries to spin off a defender heading to the basket. We all miss shots, we all turnover the ball, we all lose games. Just in different ways. So it’s time to start cutting players a break and remembering that they are human just like the rest of us. So sit back, relax, and try to enjoy watching the progression of a person. That’s the beauty of any sport or profession; growth. Cam Reddish has been growing, and it’s been damn fun to watch. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying seeing my growth with each article.

Those are my thoughts for today. Let me know what you think down below! Who’s another player that’s been quietly showing growth/improvement this year?

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