NBA Player Analysis: Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, and Dejounte Murray

On today’s episode of Premium Hoops, we evaluate three young guards; Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, and Dejounte Murray. All three have flashed significant upside in meaningful NBA games, while also exhibiting aspects of their game that require improvement. All three will be playing in the NBA Orlando Bubble restart, so we decided to give a deep analysis as all three have been on mostly mediocre playoff teams (No Mans Land in terms of watchability).

Markelle Fultz inspired in his first true year of NBA play in Orlando. Lonzo Ball finally found his shot and became a viable deep threat for the Pelicans. Dejounte Murray returned after a full year off from a knee injury and largely picked up where he left off with the Spurs.

What does each player do well? How do they do it? Where can they improve? What might their ideal situation be and what do we think their ceiling is? We discuss all that and more! Be sure to check out our back catalog of podcasts where we discuss all things NBA. With the NBA restart imminent, we have a ton of great content planned and more in the works to keep bringing detailed, nuanced, and relevant NBA topics to the forefront.

Enjoy the pod!

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