2004 Detroit Pistons: Rewinding & Reminiscing

On today’s episode of Premium Hoops, we dive into the 2004 Detroit Pistons, one of the great teams of modern basketball. The Pistons won their third title in 2004, but they way they did it is what makes this team special. We dive deep into what made this Pistons team great and one of the more compelling teams in NBA history,

What made the Pistons defense so good? How central was Ben Wallace and is he a Hall of Famer? How tough was their competition? Could the Pistons have been a dynasty if they drafted Carmelo Anthony? Why was Rasheed Wallace the missing piece? Is Richard Hamilton’s facemask a top 5 NBA look of all-time?

We cover all of this and much much more.

On the pod: Mark Schindler & Cody Houdek of Premium Hoops, along with James Edwards of The Athletic.

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