What’s next for the Dallas Mavericks? w/ Kirk Henderson

On today’s edition of the Premium Hoops Podcast, Mark & Nate are joined by Kirk Henderson, site editor of Mavs Moneyball, to discuss the Dallas Mavericks off-season. After the Mavericks put together a stellar season hinged off of Luka Doncic’s brilliance, where are they headed?

The Mavs seem ripe to run it back; is this the way to go? Should Dallas try to maneuver a trade and can they? So many of the role players on the team had career years that seem nearly impossible to replicate. While Luka’s heliocentric dominance has been fantastic, is it too much for the Mavericks to ask of him? Can Kristaps Porzingis come back and stay healthy? There are so many questions facing Dallas this off-season. Regardless of what happens, expect a fun season from Luka and the Mavs.

Major thanks to Kirk for joining the pod and sharing his insight! This one was a blast and the Mavericks are going to be a really intriguing team next year.

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