Premium Hoops: January Review

Here is the Premium Hoops January Review! To start off 2021, Premium Hoops launched its second podcast, Sense and Scalability, along with its new article series, Right Play Wednesday. Moreover, we have continued to drop great content such as an interview with The Ringer’s J. Kyle Mann, an article critiquing Zion’s defense, a foray into the sad mid-2000s Knicks’ history, and a discussion about Inside the NBA.

January’s Content

  1. The Wrong Initiator  – Sense and Scalability podcast
  2. Zion’s Defense Needs to Improve – Article by Cody
  3. Early Season Impressions – Premium Hoops podcast
  4. Siakam Struggles, Toronto’s early season, and Draft Scouting w/ Robel – Premium Hoops podcast
  5. Jerami Grant Proving He was Worth the Gamble – Article by Mark
  6. Secondary Creators + Feel and Skill Development in Basketball – Sense and Scalability podcast
  7. Scouting, Player Development, and “Busts” w/ J. Kyle Mann – Premium Hoops podcast
  8. Right Play Wednesday: Drummond Block, Jokic Steal, and Cleveland Goes Big – Collective Article
  9. The James Harden Trade: Emergency Pod – Premium Hoops Podcast
  10. Inside the NBA: A Double-Edged Sword in NBA Coverage – Article by Mark
  11. The Knicks collapse under Scott Layden – Article by Corban
  12. Rim Protection & Tweener Bigs – Sense and Scalability podcast
  13. Right Play Wednesday: Jokic Exploits, Lakers’ Passing, & Conservative Chris Paul – Collective Article
  14. Executive NBA Decisions – Premium Hoops podcast
  15. The Zion Episode – Sense and Scalability podcast
  16. On the Identity of the Timberwolves w/ Dane Moore and Joe Hulbert – Premium Hoops podcast
  17. Right Play Wednesday: Giannis Manipulating the Defense and Doumbouya Slipping a Screen – Collective Article

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