“We’re Talking Hoops, Not Talking Heads.”

The Premium Hoops collective are obsessed with all of the intricacies and nuance of the great game of basketball. Through their writing and podcasting, they merge analytics with in-game analysis to create a better understanding of the game.

Mark Schindler


I’m a Media Communications student at The University of Toledo. I started off my career at Michigan State University and pinballed across Ohio before landing here.
As a failed athlete, I’ve had a pretty unusual path through my life that’s given unique perspective on sports and life in general.
I’m not interested in becoming part of the traditional media machine; churning out stories that lack soul, create false meaning, and feed into unfair expectations. Shoving a mic in front of someone’s face after they lose Game 7 of The NBA Finals isn’t something I can get behind.
My goal is to be fair to athletes in every way, shape, and form. Professional athletes are humans too, they just have a much more public job than they get credit for.
I can’t stand the false narratives that are created and I aim to actively provide stories, stats, and thoughts to help you get a better understanding of individuals and teams within the NBA.

Nate Georgy


I am a 23 year old Sports addicted junkie from the New England area. Basketball and Football were my two first loves in life and I am still in the honey moon phase. I have played basketball most of my life and cannot get enough of the NBA. My goal here is to help educate and entertain basketball fans with a young person’s approach by merging analytics and analysis as well as I can to paint the true picture.

Scott Levine


I am a 26 year old who cannot stop writing about the NBA no matter how slim my chances of quitting my day job may be. Hopefully I can teach you something or change your perspective on a specific team or player. Certainly you’ve noticed my coat collar is messed up in this photo and if we were still in 2018 I’d tell you it’s a normal collar and to find a new slant.

Cody Houdek


I’m a high school English teacher who writes and makes YouTube videos about the NBA. As an avid pickup hooper, I’m constantly thinking about the nuances that players have that make them more valuable on the court. However, I’m not an eye-test truther because I believe that we cannot see the whole game without an easily digestible marriage of statistics and film study.

Evan Zaucha


I’m Evan Zaucha. I’m a University of Illinois graduate and research scientist who enjoys using the scientific method to delve deeper into the intricacies of basketball. I’ll cover anything from draft scouting to roster construction to breakdowns of current NBA players’ games. I’m interested in learning more about player development and building predictive NBA statistical models.