“We’re Talking Hoops, Not Talking Heads.”

Mark and Nate are two hoops-crazy guys, obsessed with all of the intricacies and nuance of the great game of basketball. Through their writing and podcasting, they merge analytics with in-game analysis to create a better understanding for the game.

Mark Schindler


I’m a 22 year old Media Communications student at The University of Toledo. I started off my career at Michigan State University and pinballed across Ohio before landing here.
As a failed athlete, I’ve had a pretty unusual path through my life that’s given unique perspective on sports and life in general.
I’m not interested in becoming part of the traditional media machine; churning out stories that lack soul, create false meaning, and feed into unfair expectations. Shoving a mic in front of someone’s face after they lose Game 7 of The NBA Finals isn’t something I can get behind.
My goal is to be fair to athletes in every way, shape, and form. Professional athletes are humans too, they just have a much more public job than they get credit for.
I can’t stand the false narratives that are created and I aim to actively provide stories, stats, and thoughts to help you get a better understanding of individuals and teams within the NBA.

Nate Georgy


I am a 23 year old Sports addicted junkie from the New England area. Basketball and Football were my two first loves in life and I am still in the honey moon phase. I have played basketball most of my life and cannot get enough of the NBA. My goal here is to help educate and entertain basketball fans with a young person’s approach by merging analytics and analysis as well as I can to paint the true picture.