Jerami Grant is Thriving

After a successful season as a full-time starter in Oklahoma City last season, Jerami Grant was shipped out to Denver where he was immediately slotted as a backup for recumbent veteran Paul Millsap. Grant has been an impact player for Denver as the first man off the bench, but I've been hungry to see him [...]


Cam Reddish is Flipping the Narrative on His Rookie Season

After perhaps one of the worst shooting months ever recorded by a rookie (28.7% from the field and 21.3% from 3 across 17 games), or by a player in general, Cam Reddish received a multitude of "bust" labels from analyst and fans alike. Speaking honestly, I was extremely disheartened watching Reddish struggle this season. I [...]

What’s Going on with Gary Harris’ Shooting?

Denver Nuggets guard Gary Harris is a key part of Denver's rotation, likely an All-Defense candidate, and a quality all-around player. He's having a solid season in his 6th year putting up 11ppg/2.8rpg/2.2apg on 42.1% fg/31.6% 3p/82.3% FT while routinely guarding the opposing team's best guard. However, a few years ago, I and many others [...]

Making Sense of Yesterday’s Trade Yesterday we received our second Wojbomb of the trade season in a deal between Atlanta and Minnesota that left many scratching their heads and wondering what's next. Overall this trade is a positive for both teams, although there's potential that this backfires for the Timberwolves. Swapping Expirings For Atlanta, this is a low cost [...]

The Great Gamble: Shaking up the Sixers and Jazz Why the Jazz make this Trade Mike Conley has been out with injury since early December, and prior to that he was struggling greatly to integrate into Utah's offense. While it would seem logical to continue to roll with this team and try to make things work with Conley once he returns, I would [...]